Goals and Phases

Campaign Goals

The principal goal of the ya es hora ¡HAGASE CONTAR! campaign is to increase mail response rates among Latino households in the United States through a sustained and aggressive community education initiative.  In addition, the ya es hora ¡HAGASE CONTAR! campaign, will seek to:

  • Inform Latinos about the importance of a full census count, how it affects their daily lives, the impact of the Census on their community and the benefits of participating.
  • Assure Latinos that the Census will maintain their information confidential and private, as protected by federal law and by sworn employees.
  • Mobilize the national, statewide, and local grassroots networks that have supported past phases of the ya es hora campaign to help disseminate information about the 2010 Census and assist the community in being counted.
  • Amplify the impact of the Census Bureau's message by adding an independent and trusted community message focused on empowerment and protecting the future.
  • Through a coordinated effort between community organizations and Spanish-language media, expand the message platform to go beyond paid advertising to community programming and Spanish-language media's innovative programming.

Campaign Phases

Phase I:  General Awareness

(October 2009-January 2010)


Make sure Latinos know what the Census is and when it takes place.

Remind the community of the impact the Census has on their families and communities.

Emphasize that being counted in the Census is important to increasing our voice in the American political process.


Phase II:  Education

(January 2010-March 2010)

Provide community with general information on what is the Census questionnaire

Provide an understanding of questions being asked and how to participate.

Provide accessible information to the community.

Assist in completing census forms and/or requesting assistance from the census.

Assist the community in understanding the confidentiality of the census and the protection of their information.


Phase III:  Hard to Count

(April 2010-July 2010)


Encourage Latinos to mail back census forms and/or cooperate with Official Census Enumerators.

Walk hand in hand with the community during the enumeration process to ensure trust in the process.

Continue to impress upon community the need to participate even if they can't mail forms back at this point.