November 17, 2009 | Associated Press | Original Article

2010 Census needs thousands for short-term jobs

Associated Press

2:01 AM CST, November 14, 2009

CHICAGO-The U.S. Census Bureau is looking for thousands of people to work in temporary jobs across Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

The jobs involve going door-to-door to interview residents.

The Census is conducted once every decade and counts the U.S. population. It determines the number of seats states have in the House of Representatives and affects the apportionment of political districts. It also affects the distribution of funding for schools, roads and neighborhood improvements.

Job applicants are required to take a skills test and undergo a background check.

Most jobs require U.S. citizenship, a driver's license and use of a vehicle. The Census also is looking for people who are bilingual.

Testing times and locations are available by calling, toll free, 1-866-861-2010.


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