February 10, 2010 | KRQE (Santa Fe, NM) | Original Article

Letters mimic official census, AG warns

SANTA FE (KRQE) - The 2010 Census will start appearing in mailboxes in a couple of weeks, but the look-a-likes are arriving already prompting a warning from the New Mexico Attorney General's Office.

Two mailings have popped up looking to cash in on the Census, according to the AG's office.

One is called the Census of Senior Citizens, and the other is a Republican Party letter that says 2010 Republican Party Census on the top.

The catch is that they are asking for money unlike the official Census.

"Census 2010, they don't want your money, and they don't want your Social Security number," Lynn Southard of the AG's office told KRQE News 13. "They want you to keep you personal and private information to yourself.

"They are going to ask specific things, but they are not going to ask you for money."

Southard said people living in rural areas won't get anything from the Census in the mail. They will get a visit from a government employee.