March 3, 2010 | The Hill | Original Article

Bachmann will push 2010 census

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), who last year said she was not going to fill out her census form, intends to vote for a measure this week that encourages Americans to participate in the 2010 census. 

According to an aide in Bachmann’s office, the North Star State lawmaker intends to vote for a “census awareness” measure on Wednesday.

The resolution, offered by Rep. Silvestre Reyes (D-Texas), implores “individuals across the United States to participate in the 2010 census to ensure an accurate and complete count beginning April 1, 2010, and expressing support for designation of March 2010 as Census Awareness Month,” according to a description of the measure.

Bachmann is not among the resolution’s 56 co-sponsors, most of whom are Democrats. The Reyes measure, which was placed on the suspension calendar, is expected to easily pass the lower chamber.

Bachmann communications director David Dziok explained to The Hill that the congresswoman recognizes the importance of Americans participating in the census. 

“We are where we are right now in 2010, and she hopes the population is counted accurately as the resolution calls for,” Dziok said. 

Over the past year, Bachmann criticized the census on a number of occasions. At one point, she threatened to boycott the census amid the debate on ACORN’s involvement in the counting of U.S. citizens.

Bachmann’s position shifted after the federal government broke ties with the scandal-plagued group. 

“In the past she expressed concerns with certain groups like ACORN that were involved in the census ... and the intrusiveness of the questions that have been added throughout the years, particularly on the American Community Survey. And to address some of those concerns, she introduced the Census Improvement Act to work toward fixing the census process going forward,” Dziok said.