April 12, 2010 | KCAU-TV | Original Article

Community Wide Festival To Bring Awareness to the 2010 Census

The Mary Treglia Center in Downtown Sioux City was transformed into a festival, with face painting food,clowns,and even dancers. 

Erica De Leon from the center, says it was an attempt to spread the word and target those who have yet to "March to the mail box" with their census form.

 "We hosted the festival today because the area around Mary Treglia is the low response rate so far with the census a good way to get awareness out there and why its important.

 Hoping the more people they bring in,the more forms will be mailed out.  

"For every person that returns the census form it will save the city about $12,000 to operate school and fix potholes, run hospitals what have you its very important that we get those forms back," said Sioux City Planner.

 Although the census deadline has passed, there's still time to fill yours out, and if you don't send it soon, you could be getting a visit from a Census worker.