April 13, 2010 | Hollywood Gazette | Original Article

Census deadline to avoid non-response follow-up is Thursday, April 22

The deadline for residents to postmark their Census form and avoid having a Census worker visit them at home is Thursday, April 22. Starting April 13, Florida residents who have lost or have not received a 2010 Census questionnaire can call a toll-free number to request a form.


  • English toll-free # 866-872-6868
  • Spanish toll-free # 866-928-2010

“We want all Broward County residents to know that April 1, National Census Day, was only a point of reference for people to mail back their completed Census form,” said Broward County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman, chair of the Broward County Complete Count Committee. “In a few weeks, Census takers will begin visiting each household that has yet to return a Census form. Our goal is to encourage everyone to promptly mail back their form and decrease the time and expense for these visits, thus saving taxpayer money.”


From May through July, Census takers will visit every neighborhood to count each housing unit that has not returned a Census form.