February 15, 2011 | Trib Local | Original Article

Grayslake sees minority population boom, population increase overall in 2010 census

Grayslake’s minority populations have exploded and its total population has risen by about 13 percent over the past decade, according to Census data released today.

To see an interactive Census map, click here.

Of the 20,957 people the U.S. Census Bureau counted in Grayslake in 2010, 691 identified as black or African American, about a 136 percent increase from the 2000 census. Residents who identified as Hispanic or Latino went up more than 101 percent.

Every race population in the village grew in the first decade of the millennium except the Pacific Islander population, which lost one person.

The Asian population rose by about 80 percent.

Grayslake’s white population increased by a considerably smaller margin – about 4 percent. The white population still accounts for about 84 percent of people in the village. That’s down from about 91 percent in 2000.