February 23, 2011 | The Oregonian | Original Article

Census 2010: More on Oregon's racial and ethnic composition

The numbers released by the U.S. Census Bureau today show that Oregon's Latino community has seen enormous growth over the past 10 years.

For some further comparison, we've put together a table that shows how the composition of Oregon's population has changed over the past 20 years.

2010 2000 1990
White 78 percent 83 percent 91 percent
Latino 12 percent 8 percent 4 percent
African American 2 percent 2 percent 2 percent
Asian 4 percent 3 percent 2 percent
Native American 2.1 percent 2 percent 1 percent
Multiracial 2.8 percent 2.4 percent Not Recorded
Other 0.1 percent 0.1 percent 0.1 percent


Oregonians who identify as white still make up the majority of the state's population -- 78 percent. But that figure has been on a decline. Just twenty years ago, White Oregonians made up 91 percent of the state's population. Conversely, Oregon's Latino -- and to a lesser extent Asian -- community has been growing at a fast pace.

Latinos now account for 12 percent of the population (up from 4 percent in 1990) and Asians for 4 percent (up from 2 percent in 1990).

Oregon's other minority communities -- such as African Americans and Native Americans -- have not seen as much growth, but neither have they seen a decline.