March 1, 2011 | Severn Patch | Original Article

Census Reveals Rapid Growth in Severn’s Asian and Latino Population

Data recently released from the 2010 Census revealed a remarkable increase for Severn’s Asian and Latino population.

The town, now home to about 44,231, also showed a strong influx of mixed race individuals, according to the U.S Census Bureau.

Overall, Severn grew by 9,155 and experienced a 26 percent increase in general population from its 2000 numbers of 35,076.

When compared to Anne Arundel County’s 10 percent increase across the board, the heightened numbers provide a glimpse into the future of Severn as more and more people flock to the area due to BRAC.

“The reason it’s increasing because of BRAC.  A Lot of people are moving to Northern Anne Arundel County because it’s cheaper than it is around Ft. Meade and Odenton,” said Northern Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce Membership Director Carol Boyer. 

County Executive John R. Leopold said the growth proves that the county was right to raise impact fees on development.

"As expected, the lion's share of the growth has been in West County," Leopold said in an interview last month. "That underscores the importance of getting approval from the [county] council to support an increase in impact fees." 

Impact fees are a way the county raises money for transportation upgrades. Normally, developers are charged every time they build in a specific zone. By increasing these fees, the county is able to bring in more revenue as developers seek to utilize the increase in population throughout the county.

Currently there are six impact fee zones throughout Anne Arundel County.   

The white and black population in Severn experienced 16 and 22 percent increase respectively, but it was the Asian and Latino demographic that showed the largest spike.

Severn’s Asian population grew from 1,504 to 3,454, a 130 percent increase, and the Latino population grew from 1,390 to 2,775, a 100 percent increase.

As a whole, only the Latino demographic showed a similar spike throughout the entire county with a 155 percent increase.

In relation to numbers throughout Anne Arundel, Severn maintained a steady percentage of the county’s demographics. Back in 2000, Severn held 18 percent of the county’s black population and 10 percent of its Latino population.

The new data from the census represents similar numbers with a slight decrease, with Severn accounting for 17.7 percent of the county’s black population and 8.4 percent of the Latino population.

“From a business point of you, I can’t see any [down sides] to the increase,” said Boyer.