March 8, 2011 | The Los Angeles Times | Original Article

California's Latino population increases, Inland areas boom, U.S. Census finds

Southern California's inland counties grew at a rapid clip in the last decade, far surpassing the growth rates of the region's coastal counties, according to U.S. census data released Tuesday.

Riverside County saw a whopping 41% increase in population in the decade, recording 2,189,641 residents in 2010. San Bernardino County saw a 19% increase, with a total population of 2,035,210.

Both counties experienced an explosion of suburban growth in the early part of the decade, only to be hit hard as the economy turned sour and many of the homes fell into foreclosure.

Los Angeles County saw only a 3.1% growth rate over the decade, with a population of 9,818,605. San Diego County grow by 10% and Orange County by 5.8%.

Once again, Latinos saw the largest increases in population over the decade, making up 37.6% of the state's total population. As a percentage of the total population, whites dropped to about 40%.

The Asian population was 12.8% and the black population was 5.8%.