May 24, 2011 | ABC 27 | Original Article

Hispanic population thriving in Lancaster, Census says

When someone says "Lancaster County," you probably think of a horse and buggy, or Amish country. But the 2010 census recently revealed that Lancaster county is actually "Latino County."

It's nice to know that we're getting the attention that we deserve," said resident Carmen Lopez. "It's a good feeling."

The County's Latino population is sure growing - 45,000 Latinos are living there according to the latest Census.

But one man isn't surprised. Carlos Grapuera has been with the Spanish-American Civic Association for more than a decade. He says Latinos have called Lancaster home for generations.

"There's always been for the new arrivals a strong chance of making it," he said. "And that continues to attract people to come here."

According to the Census, two out of every five residents are Hispanic. That's 40 percent. The Census website also shows strong Latino populations in East Lampeter Township and Manor Township.

But just stroll along downtown Lancaster and you'll see Latino businesses and civic centers on every street.

"There's no racism here...everybody gets along like a big family," said Rona Litlogo.

A family that Graupera believes will continue to grow, making the Lancaster County landscape a better place for everyone.

"We will add to the cultural diversity, the neighborhood revitalization, and the small business growth of this community," he said. "We will continue to do that."