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Ya Es Hora SMS Updates

Sign up for text message alerts from the ya es hora campaign and join a community of thousands of Latinos! As a member, you will receive important updates about elections, registering to vote, your rights as a voter, and much more. Voting is an essential way you express the power of your community and ensure your rights are protected.

Sign up today to stay informed HERE or text CENSUS to 62571 for time critical election information.  ya es hora does not charge for text alerts but standard message and data rates may apply.


Send E-Postcards - COMING SOON 

Getting the word out to your loved ones and friends can be fun - select from a variety of electronic postcards to send with this tool.  Select from simple messages about the importance of registering to vote, to special postcards for events and themes.





News Updates via RSS

Add current news on the elections directly to your RSS reader (such as FeedReader, Google Reader, or MyYahoo). Just copy and paste the following URL to get automatically updated news headlines.   http://hagasecontar.yaeshora.info/news/feed


Census Email


Help spread the message that participating in the 2010 Census is the right thing to do for your family and your community.  You can do this by encouraging people you know to complete their Census form, and to visit this website.  This tool will help you do this quickly and easily.


Census Blog


Interested in the Census?  Concerned about an issue you heard about in the news? Click here to read postings to our blog from ya es hora campaign leaders about new issues, and share your thoughts via comments and discussions.