Door to Door Visits

Census Notice of Visit

Starting May 1 through July 10, 2010 about 635,000 2010 Census takers across the nation will go door to door to follow up with households that either did not mail back their form or did not receive one.  An estimated of 48 million addresses will be visited from May 1 through July 10.

Some households will receive a visit even though they may have mailed back their form.  If the form arrived too late to be processed the household occupants must still be interviewed when the census takers arrives.

Households will be visited by census workers as part of the follow-up plan if they did not receive a form by mail, including those that pick up their mail from post office boxes.

The door to door visits are done to achieve a complete and accurate count of the entire U.S. population as mandated by the U.S. Constitution.

If a Census worker knocks on you door, here are some ways to verify that persons is a legitimated census taker:

  • Official census taker will present an official Department of Commerce identification badge with their name on it and an expiration date. You can ask to see an additional form of identification.
  • Census takers may carry a black canvass bag with the official Census Bureau logo on it.
  • The Census taker will provide you with supervisor contact information and/or the local census office phone number for verification, if asked. You may also contact the Regional Census Center (RCC) to verify their employment with the Census Bureau.
  • Please note that RCCs vary by state, and in some cases by county. Please call 1‐877‐EL‐CENSO (1‐877‐352‐3676) to obtain the phone number of your correct RCC.
  • In order to verify the enumerator's employment with the RCC, you must provide the enumerators name and the employee number on their badge.

What the Census worker will ask:

  • The Census taker will only ask the questions on the census form - no more, no less.
  • The Census taker will never ask to enter your home.
  • The Census taker will never ask for your social security number, immigration status, citizenship status, or any financial information (such as credit card numbers or bank accounts).
  • The Census taker will never solicit for donations, charge you for the service, or contact you via email.