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2010 Census fast approaching....

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Katherine Leal Unmuth/Reporter

U.S. Census Bureau director Robert Groves recently visited The Dallas Morning News to discuss the upcoming census count. Groves was director of the University of Michigan Survey Research Center before he was appointed by President Barack Obama. Census forms will be mailed to homes in March, then May through July census takers will make house calls to those who didn't fill out their forms. By December, the bureau will deliver population counts and by March 2011 redistricting data will be delivered to the states.

Groves (pictured) urged that the census is important since it could impact federal funding for the local community and representation in Congress. He said it always uncovers new facts. "It paints a portrait. It surprises the country every time...In the waves of immigration the census shows groups where they are in society...'Look at how big we are now.'"

In particular Groves acknowledged that immigrants may be afraid to participate in the census, but that the bureau is trying to get the message out that it is safe to take part in. Regional director Gabriel Sanchez said Texas is challenging because of a "large undocumented immigrant population that fears the federal government."

Will this fear among immigrants mean that Irving will be challenged in getting an accurate count? Groups like the National Association of Latino Elected Officials are pushing to educate Hispanics about the importance of filling out their forms in their "Ya es Hora," or make campaign.

We know that Irving has gone through dramatic demographic changes particular in terms of the growth of immigrants, Latinos and Asians. What will the new Census show about Irving? That remains to be seen.