February 16, 2011 | Glenview Patch | Original Article

2010 Census: Glenview's Population Increases by Nearly 7 Percent

Glenview is growing.

The village saw a nearly 7 percent increase in population during the last 10 years, according to 2010 data recently released bt the U.S. Census this week.

Glenview saw a population spike from 41,847  to 44,692 residents even as the overall populations of Cook County and Illinois are shrinking. Those growing pains may have contributed to some local issues of late, including overcrowding in the schools.

But the increases are not evenly distributed by race. While the village is predominately white (35,817 white residents in 2000 and 37,201 in 2010), the 3.8 percent increase in white residents was relatively small in comparison to certain minority groups.

Glneview's Hispanic population, for example, more than doubled in the last 10 years.  The number of residents who identified themselves as Hispanic or Latino was 1,702 in 2000 and jumped to 2,584 in 2010.  The village also saw a substancial 32 percent increase in its Asian population -- from 4,207 to 5,569.

Meanwhile, the African-American population has shrunk by slightly more than 32 percent. The 2000 census showed 665 African-Americans living in Glenview; the most recent number is 451.

The village also saw a slight spike in the number of eligible voters -- the population of Glenview residents 18 and over climbed from 31,137 to 33,690.